Left Behind

January 17, 2012

When, by who, and why, is left for the mind to wonder…

15mm at f/4.5, 1/12, ISO1600 (Leica M9)

If you’ve got a couple of free minutes, and like reading about street photography, you might also want to let your mind wonder over what Mike Crippen has to say in his recent post, “The Rules of Street Photography”. It’s slightly rebellious, but hey, isn’t rebellious good sometimes? I’m sure you’ll enjoy it, I know I did.


National Football Museum

January 15, 2012

Originally based in Preston, the National Football Museum is now moving to my favourite building in Manchester, the Urbis. The museum will house several important collections of association football memorabilia and aims to attract 350,000 visitors a year. Will this man be one of them? Though not quite right for what the museum will be about, his NFL cap is promising… (Click on picture to enlarge)

15mm at f/4.5, 1/30, ISO1000 (Leica M9)

On the personal side of things: Man-flu OVER! Everything is starting to fall back into the routine nicely now. Yesterday was the first day in 9 weeks I managed to get into Manchester for some pictures and, even though I only came back with a couple of half decent “street” photos, it was a blast.


How Rubbish is This?

January 10, 2012

I’ve got a runny nose and I sneeze every 10 minutes. Think I might have caught a cold, which is a rare occasion; can’t remember the last time I caught a cold. Unfortunately for you, I’m a moaner when I’m ill so you will have to bear with me for now, let’s hope this won’t last long… Agrh… where did the nice sunny days go?

Have you got any plans for the weekend? I know it’s too early to think about the weekend but I can’t help it… Hoping to hit the town for some pictures (if I’m not wrapped in a blanket on the couch – I told you I was a moan).

35mm at f/5.6, 1/1500, ISO160 (Leica M9) – Alcatraz Island


Hello 2012!

January 8, 2012

I know I’m a little late in the game, but I only just managed to get online and posting. Happy new year everyone! I wish you an artistic and productive 2012. I still need to catch up with everything happening on the world wide web but stay tuned because there’s quite a few things coming up (Including Street Photo Assignment #4).

My news in a nutshell, San Francisco and Las Vegas was awesome and so was the Grand Canyon. All three are highly recommended if you’re travelling at that part of the world. Camera-wise, I ended up buying the Canon S100 as my point and shoot. It’s a lovely quality camera and is perfect for what I want it. I don’t think though it would be my first choice if I wanted it for street photography alone. It simply isn’t fast enough to keep up with the pace. I’ve got a “user’s experience” review coming up, if you’re interested to learn more about it.

New year’s resolution(s): 1.) Lose weight (classic, I know, but considering I’m getting married this year, it’s now or never). 2.) Take more pictures but not necessarily of people. In 2012, I want to keep a more open mind when I’m out taking pictures.

Finally, the picture below was shot at the Palazzo hotel in Las Vegas and is my first “street” photo of 2012. Do you care to share your first street photo of the year? Give us a link to it in the message box below! (Click on picture to enlarge)

24mm (35mm eqiv.) at f/2.0, 1/25, ISO640 (Canon S100)


Escape from Alcatraz

December 28, 2011

Just over a mile from San Francisco bay lies Alcatraz prison, one of the most infamous prisons in the world. Alcatraz was classed as a “maximum security” prison and was said to be escape proof, however, that did not stop prisoners from attempting to escape. After visiting the island and hearing how each of the five escape attends took place, I couldn’t help not taking this shot. The skipper of our boat ride from Alcatraz island, jumping onto SF bay. His escape from Alcartaz -for an hour at least :-)  (Click on picture to enlarge)

35mm at f/5.6, 1/750, ISO200 (Leica M9) – San Francisco

Tomorrow we’re leaving San Francisco and hitting the road towards Las Vegas. Internet access is predicted to be scarce so please forgive me if the blog is not updated anytime soon.

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A Man’s Best Friend

December 26, 2011

This man made me smile first thing in the morning. Who said a man’s best friend must be a dog? (Click on picture to enlarge)

35mm at f/4.0, 1/180, ISO160 (Leica M9) – San Francisco


Merry Christmas!

December 25, 2011

Wish you all a very merry Christmas! Hope you managed to make it on Santas “nice list” once again :-)

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Oh What Fun…

December 24, 2011

Just came back to my hotel bedroom to find that my blog had been hacked. Was quite surprised that someone even bothered of hacking the site; suppose that’s a good omen that the site is getting some attention at least :-) The “hacking team” added a new post kindly informing me that the blog has been hacked (see below) and also changed my WordPress password to make my life ever so more interesting.

It only took around three minutes to get everything back and running again but unfortunately didn’t have any more time to check the site “properly” in order to guarantee that it wont happen again. Until then, game on… I’m watching you…

PS: San Francisco is such an awesome city, hopefully will have a couple of decent shots from today… But I won’t know till tomorrow… Now… Need… Sleep…

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